Let’s start doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do–with time to spare.
Doing great work doesn’t have to come at the expense of your personal life. With the right cocktail of strategy and accountability, you can do more in less time and still make it in time for dinner.
Let's do it
two ways I can help you to
manage your energy and systems better
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perfect for freelancers & coaches
Productivity Coaching
Designed to help you diagnose your needs while taking into account your personality, goals, and preferred schedule. Avail a one-time sesh or my signature offer of 3-month coaching suite.
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end-to-end services for agencies
Notion Consulting
In-depth workflow audits, building of fully custom spaces that work for you and your team along with training and on-boarding as needed, and of course, all year-round support.
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Are you in need of
more structure? better habits? creating a schedule that works?
Let me tell you a (not so) little secret ↓
Time management does not exist
Ever felt like 24 hours was not enough for you to do everything you need to do in a single day? You’ve tried all the tips and hacks on the internet on how to become more productive.
You’v even tried waking up at 5AM ’cause that’s “what successful people do” or making a very strict schedule for yourself, only to be overwhelmed because it’s JUST. NOT. WORKING!
No, you don’t need more discipline.
Yes, you need to realize you’re unique.
And you deserve a productivity mold that actually fits you.
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Productivity Coaching

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All About the Base
First, we figure out what’s holding you back by doing an audit of your current habits, tools, workflows,  and schedules to see what’s not working. This will serve as the base of our time together.
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Harder, Faster, Stronger
Then, I come up with a strategy and I help you implement, implement, implement, all while building healthier habits and setting realistic goals without the guilt and burnout.
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Feedback Time
By collaborating and measuring your effort, we’ll have a good idea of what’s working and what isn’t. I’m always on the look out for new strategies to try!
I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way as we set achievable goals and execute strategies that just make a lot of darn sense, so you can also:
streamline your systems
schedule actual rest
scale your business
“I’m finally okay with my daily schedule. I prioritize my mental and physical health, I have more me-time, and I’m still getting everything done even if a day still has 24 hours.”
Mechelle Carpio
7-Figure Freelancer
“ Celz shared different actionable insights and her best-kept hacks on being able to do more despite juggling motherhood and work. I even can’t believe I have more time even if I now have more client work!”
Chelsea Junio
Freelance Copywriter & Mom
“The fact is that I’m actually able to do this without resistance. No more mindless FB scrolling. Ang sarap matulog sa gabi knowing I did my very best for my freelance biz.”
Jeiga Gaviola-Obnimaga
Freelance Email Marketer
does this sound like something you'd wanna try?
Creating life-changing habits
Launching your passion project
Pursuing an overlooked hobby
Building another income stream
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i want to remind you THAT
It’s never too late to restart
and rebuild your dreams
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Notion Consulting

Got burning technical Notion questions that make your want to pull your brains out? Need a custom workspace for your growing team without throwing spaghetti on the wall?
Don't worry, I gotchu! Also–here's my cute li'l badge as an official Notion consultant
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Change the way you work and see your work change.
Book a call to get things *efficiently* done, or inquire about our Notion packages. We build fully custom spaces that work for you, along with training and on-boarding as needed and of course, year-round support. We got what you need.
The kind of results you can expect
Slash 5.4 hours out of your work day
Finish writing your e-book in 5 days
Diagnose your productivity bottleneck
Achieve clarity with your digital life
Here are some kind words from Notion themselves:
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Productivity is never an accident.
It is always a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
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meet your coach & Lead consultant
Hi! I'm Celz Alejandro.
I believe that true, sustainable change comes from slow, steady growth. I believe that it shouldn’t come at the expense of personal time, and balance is the key meaningful and productive life.
More details
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okay, how about this...
When you’re ready to reclaim your energy & sanity, come back to this website and book your free 15-min consult here.
For now, you can simply join hundreds of people who receive exclusive productivity insights from me.
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it's time for you to
Create more mental space
Manage your energy better
Do more without the burnout
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A productivity geek (and proud!) obsessed with getting things done and still have energy to keep creating, learning, and thriving — with lots of sleep to spare.