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Become productive
without the burnout
(We’re only burning back "logs" here...)
We're on a mission to help digital entrepreneurs break free from procrastination and enjoy success without the overwhelm
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Put down a finger if you...
Are driven, profitable, highly creative… and so damn tired
Get things done, but your business is dependent on you
Promised to sneak in more “me time” but it’s been weeks
Probably missed lunch today without realizing… again
But first, I’ll need you to hear something important:
Taking a step back to cultivate the foundations of your personal & business productivity will yield more return than constantly putting it off.
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I know you're busy with your business
• slaying those discovery calls
• creating amazing content
• writing winning proposals
But what about your other passions?
help me find time, now!
two ways I can help you to
manage your energy and systems better
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perfect for freelancers & coaches
Productivity Coaching
Designed to help you diagnose your needs while taking into account your personality, goals, and preferred schedule. Avail a one-time sesh or my signature offer of 3-month coaching suite.
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end-to-end services for agencies
Notion Consulting
In-depth workflow audits, building of fully custom spaces that work for you and your team along with training and on-boarding as needed, and of course, all year-round support.
I believe that productivity is personal. Everyone’s brain works differently so cookie-cutter advice just doesn’t give the same oomph.
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let’s finally get personal
We are a productivity solutions boutique that helps digital entrepreneurs focus on what’s important and what they’re good at.
Oh and if it’s not obvious yet, my name is Celz and I'm the founder of this humble digital boutique!
More details
When you started this journey, you had a vision–one that makes a difference whileenjoying the freedom of being your own boss. Let’s keep it that way. Efficiently.
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okay, how about this...
When you’re ready to reclaim your energy & sanity, come back to this website and book your free 15-min consult here.
For now, you can simply join hundreds of people who receive exclusive productivity insights from me.
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“I’m finally okay with my daily schedule. I prioritize my mental and physical health, I have more me-time, and I’m still getting everything done even if a day still has 24 hours.”
Mechelle Carpio
7-Figure Freelancer
“ Celz shared different actionable insights and her best-kept hacks on being able to do more despite juggling motherhood and work. I even can’t believe I have more time even if I now have more client work!”
Chelsea Junio
Freelance Copywriter & Mom
“The fact is that I’m actually able to do this without resistance. No more mindless FB scrolling. Ang sarap matulog sa gabi knowing I did my very best for my freelance biz.”
Jeiga Gaviola-Obnimaga
Freelance Email Marketer
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A productivity geek (and proud!) obsessed with getting things done and still have energy to keep creating, learning, and thriving — with lots of sleep to spare.