We’re here to help you
find time to do things
that truly matter to you
no more living life on autopilot
we are an online productivity solutions boutique that provides
Notion consulting and coaching services
for FEMALE digital entrepreneurs and FREELANCERS
so they can focus on what’s truly important
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Hi! I’m Celz Alejandro.
I’m a productivity coach and an official Notion consultant who loves helping people discover their own productivity style so they can achieve more, create a positive impact, and still have a lot of time for their loved ones.

I believe that figuring out your own productivity techniques shouldn’t be stressful, complicated, nor overwhelming.
Want some real talk? Read ahead ↓
I’ve probably read all the books on productivity, and that includes understanding how habits work, why procrastination exists, behavioral changes, you name it! But what I realized is:
You can’t read your way
into positive behavior.
Read that again.
Productivity is a personal journey, and that cookie cutter advice just does not cut it for most people. And if there’s one thing I finally understood after years of trying to unlock the secret of how to make myself more productive I realized:
it’s all about tiny, intrinsic changes applied for long-term purposes
Productivity is a long-term journey that no Twitter thread or Tiktok video can get you through.
So practically speaking...
Productivity is a tool and a system that you have to build yourself, making changes, and seeing what fits right for you
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When I figured that out, life was never the same.
And now I’m going to help
you understand yours.
Your venture for better productivity starts NOW. Up for a quick call over coffee? Talk soon!
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A productivity geek (and proud!) obsessed with getting things done and still have energy to keep creating, learning, and thriving — with lots of sleep to spare.